09. Do Not Forget Quality

Productivity cannot be increased at the expense of quality. Early in PEP, a client was concerned that incentives were decreasing quality. Whether our client had a real or perceived problem was immaterial, we did not have the right monitoring tool in place – that has been corrected. There is a wide discrepancy on the emphasis placed on quality assurance in various organizations. We think it is very important and have even linked quality with incentives. Is your organization monitoring quality?


  1. Tim - Nordstrom Direct says

    Customer satisfaction is a very high priority at Nordstrom. Since the merchandise we ship goes directly to our customers, it’s essential that we minimize errors to insure that the customers get the items they ordered. We have relied heavily on the PEP quality assurance program to monitor our performance quality. Now, in addition to productivity, we are looking at a PEP feature that will automatically integrate the quality results into our incentive program. Is anyone else doing this?