10. Schedules Versus Budgets

Staff scheduling determines the number of employees required to complete backlogs and incoming work on a daily or weekly basis. Budget planning estimates staffing for fiscal plans and is normally done a year in advance. Cost and merchandise turn goals cannot be achieved without effective staff scheduling and cannot be hindered by poor budget planning. Frankly, most of our clients have not taken advantage of the PEP Scheduling module. Do you have an effective Scheduling program in place?


  1. Erica - Neiman Marcus says

    Are their any Distribution Center clients who are currently using the Scheduling models in PEP?

  2. Andy - Kids R Us says

    While I was at the Kids R Us Distribution Center, we used PEP Scheduling on a daily basis to balance our staff among the various processing departments. Staffing was based on estimated incoming receipts, daily picking allocations and store delivery schedules. The estimates were quite accurate, but it took us awhile to get our managers to believe in them and to actually use the number of people that were called for in the schedules. One additional benefit was the ability to look at mid-shift backlogs and transfer people to areas where they were most needed. Overall the schedules were very helpful but they did require some work to be sure they maintained their accuracy.