11. Special Features and Wish List

Not all clients remember some of the hidden features in our previous releases such as: macro data entry, many uses of the asterisk feature, automated graphing, task usage diagnostic tools, customized employee lists in performance review, etc. Since we are always striving to improve, there might also be some features that you would like to see that are not currently available. Why not share the special features you use and tell us about your wish list.


  1. Caroline - Daffy's says

    Along with PEP’s labor management system, one of the special features that has been particularly helpful for us is the PEP graphing module. It allows us to visually compare important statistics within our distribution process and to clearly see trends in our numbers both from this year and last year. Maybe best of all, it’s very easy to use.

  2. Barb - Nordstrom says

    My experience has been that some employees try to excuse low performance by questioning the accuracy of the time standards. Since our employee’s opinions are important to us, this normally leads to a manager requesting a re-evaluation of those standards. To save restudy time, I have often been able to use the PEP Workload Composition Report to prove to the employees and managers that the standards are accurate. In addition, I use the report to quickly identify standards that need restudy before there is a need for them to be brought to my attention by the employees and the managers.