12. Rating PEP and Our Support

We have been very pleased with the stability of the PEP software over the years. When problems occur, or we have general labor management questions, I hope we have responded in a timely fashion and that our advice has been helpful. However, there may be some problems that slip through the cracks that we would like to know about. So let us know what you think about our support and if you have any outstanding problems.


  1. Jim - Toys R Us says

    I’ve worked with Cook & Associates on several projects and have found their sound council on labor management second to none. They have that rare ability for a consulting firm to become part of the management team. When we had questions with our program, or any software glitches, it was important to immediately get a trained professional on the phone, not a recording or a complex phone menu.

  2. Tom - Liz Claiborne says

    I’ve had an opportunity to work with Cook & Associates and the PEP program in two previous positions. We’re looking forward to having that opportunity again in the near future. Obviously, I think highly of their consulting professionalism and the continuing support they offer once the program is installed. The program has always been very stable and they continue to provide new enhancements without affecting that stability. I hope that everyone else has had the same success with the program.

  3. Russ - Polo Ralph Lauren says

    What I like most about Cook & Associates is that they’re a boutique management consulting firm. What I mean by this is that they don’t offer everything to everybody. They’re one of the few consultants that specialize in a single area – Labor Management. Having worked with them over the years, I can attest to their high professional standards and the hands-on support they’ve always provided.