13. How is the New Website

Many of you probably know that Don was impressed with an article which pointed out that many new service company websites are geared toward providing more information rather than glitzy ads. So we decided our new website would have no pop-ups, sidebars, videos, links, or the need to register. It simply provides an overview of the Cook & Associates approach to Labor Management, summarizes our assignments & the results, and reviews the key features of the Program & the PEP software. Most of the comments and phone calls we received were very positive. Remember, it’s never too late to give the website a read and email your thoughts for inclusion in the blog.


  1. Bob - Jones Lange Lasalle says

    Just checked out the new website. Looks great – orders of magnitude improvement over the old one. Congratulations! Next step – you’ve gotta move into this century regarding email addresses. dbcanda@aol.com, or whatever. C’mon, you can do this! (Hey, you asked for feedback)

  2. Barron - SDI says

    This looks great and much better than the last time I looked at the website! All the tabs are full of good information and a good client list.

  3. Bill - Marketing Consultant says

    I read your website completely – I think it’s great. It’s simple, uncomplicated and easy to navigate. Also, it should save you some travel time for new clients. Before you meet them, I would ask them to read your site followed by a phone call with questions. You could then, no doubt, determine if they are a legitimate prospect.

  4. Mike - Apache-Inc says

    I applaud the efforts of those companies who are using their websites as a tool, rather than a marketing experience. It’s much more functional and usable to look for information you need, rather than worry about the number of hits, re-directing users to pages that don’t tie to what they’re looking for, etc… I love the site. It’s clean, concise, and probably a lot easier to track the traffic patterns of people browsing it since it is more of a static site. Having a registration section is always helpful if you have confidential information for select registered customers, but it’s certainly not needed as much in your business so that makes sense to me. While it may not appeal to everyone and the folks expecting entertainment and a WOW factor on every website they visit, I think this is a great approach. Nicely done!

  5. Krish - SDI says

    I’m certainly no web expert. Looks ok to me! I tend to like sites with pics and video.

  6. Bob - Logistics Consultant says

    Hope all is well for you and the team! This is very well done! I like it a lot. Very clear to the reader. I really like your program overall.

  7. Tony - Davids Bridal says

    Don, congrats on the new website. It’s 100% better than the last site. Very easy to navigate and very informative.

  8. Jack - Keurig says

    I liked the website because it really described in detail what you do and it makes for a much more informed buyer.