06. Work Measurement – The Key

The foundation for all PEP labor management modules is work measurement. Although this requires establishing and maintaining engineered time standards, without these standards, accurate employee work measurement and meaningful operating statistics would not be available. There is no other way to account for all the variables in today’s logistics operations. Do you feel your measurement is accurate and how difficult is it to maintain the time standards?


  1. Nancy - Nordstrom Corporate says

    I’ve reviewed the PEP Blog and found it most interesting. I was surprised to see that no one has commented on “Work Measurement – The Key”. Obviously, without accurate work measurement, a labor management program cannot be effective. It provides the foundation for all of the tools a labor management program offers. We have been very careful to make sure that our work measurement is accurate and has full acceptance by our employees and managers. In fact, in anticipation of the PkMS upgrade, we are getting started on time standard validation in all departments. Some of the reports in PEP, particularly the Workload Composition Report, have been especially useful in accomplishing this objective.