04. T&A, WMS, and PEP Integration

The Time & Attendance System(T&A) must be integrated with the Labor Management Program if the information is to have any credibility. At the same time, integration with the Warehouse Management System(WMS) will greatly reduce clerical requirements and improve the accuracy of data collection. However, if Warehouse Management System data is not available, simplified manual recording can be implemented. Has your organization integrated other systems with your Labor Management Program?


  1. Jimmy - LaCoste says

    As a start up pick/pack operation, we were concerned solely in making sure our customers were not inconvenienced nor suffered processing setbacks or delays while we implemented a wms and new material handling equipment. Once the operation stabilized, we looked for ways to improve efficiency by capturing the production data necessary to better manage our employees. PEP helped us tremendously by interfacing with our wms and electronic time clocks. This allows us to gauge the productivity of our employees without the manual recording normally needed to collect data. This information now let’s our managers and supervisors see from day to day where their shortcomings and successes come from. Not only do our supervisors benefit from this exchange of data, but more importantly, our employees are not losing valuable time by fumbling with confusing and inefficient production sheets.

    Keeping track of time and labor is encouraging us to grow in a cost effective manner. The history maintained in the labor management program lets us compare spikes in production from year to year and to study tendencies over periods of time.