03. Working With the IT Group

“How will we interfere with this program?” At a recent PEP proposal meeting, the IT Vice President made this embarrassing Freudian slip, instead of saying, “How do we interface?” Unfortunately, some IT departments forget they are a service organization. Others, however, successfully provide the support needed by operating management. We always hope IT will be supportive, but in either case, Cook & Associates maintains the PEP software and normally requires very little in-house IT assistance. Is your IT group supportive or a roadblock?


  1. Gordon - Greenstone says

    We asked Cook & Associates to outline a labor control program for one of our clients. They did a great job. The entire operating management team strongly supported a project to implement the program. However, to move ahead required approval from their in-house IT people. Even with a very impressive return on investment, that approval could never be obtained. Most of the reasoning centered around priorities. I guess this could be a valid point except very little in-house IT assistance was required. Anyway, two years later and the managers still do not have the labor control program they need and want.

  2. Al - C2W Creations says

    Having worked with the PEP software for a long time, I’ve always felt that it’s a very reliable program. It includes an unmatched ability to easily merge multiple files from various time & attendance and warehouse management systems. Occasionally when new operating systems and network changes are implemented, Cook & Associates has to provide some additional assistance, but they are always available and the PEP program has not interfered with system upgrades. In addition, PEP upgrades are designed to be an easy process that requires minimal IT support.