02. Management and Employee Buy-In

Labor Management Programs need to be accepted by managers and employees if they are to succeed. Providing the action-oriented information that managers need to run their operations is a great selling point. Assuring employees they will get credit for the work they perform helps gain their buy-in. Adding pay-for-performance incentives is a plus for both managers and employees. Incidentally, it is always easier to get acceptance in expanding rather than contracting environments. How did you get buy-in?


  1. Gary - Syms says

    In my previous organization, we actually had to re-establish management and employee acceptance since the existing labor management program wasn’t working. We therefore found it imperative to communicate very closely with all managers and employees on what our new program was going to do for them and for our organization. Believe me, we were up front with all of our measurements and time standards. We also assured our employees that approximately the same amount of incentives would be paid as our previous program, but that the incentives would be more equitably distributed. This meant that we had to keep on top of our time standard maintenance to be sure they reflected the amount of work that was being performed by the employees. The extensive training provided by Cook & Associates really helped us understand the software and the many uses for the information we had at our fingertips.