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EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES: Although the proposed increase in the Minimum Wage has been tabled for the time being, we still feel there is going to be pressure for significant wage increases in the coming months. With this in mind, it might be a good time to implement an Employee Incentive Program, or if your existing plan isn't working, take some action. We have always felt that it's better to Pay for Performance than to experience large across the board increases.

If you would like to see how we do it in PEP, just click on the following presentation link to see a two-page example:

Employee Incentives (PDF)

SDI LOGISTICS FORUM: To view Don's Santiago, Chile presentation, click on the following link:

SDI Logistics Forum (PDF)


We have noticed in recent news releases that some very large organizations are getting in trouble by changing employee data without proper notification of the changes to the employees. This is particularly critical where incentives are involved. So, by the end of the year, as part of our Employee Feedback Analysis functionality, PEP will automatically send out Push Notifications, either email or text, to inform employees of any changes that are being made, and to give the employees the opportunity to review and discuss the revisions. We feel this is another significant step to strengthen the management/employee relationship.


As many of you know, Cook & Associates places a great deal of emphasis on developing an effective dialogue among managers and their employees. We already use the Management by Exception Principle by highlighting extraordinarily high and low employees to help managers focus on areas that need the most attention. This assures that excessive incentives are not being paid and shows where action needs to be taken to get low performers up to an acceptable level. This new feature streamlines and strengthens this entire process by monitoring the results of the manager and employee dialogue. If you're looking for "Change Management", EFA is the right tool!

Recent polls show that 33% of employees move on because supervisors never give them feedback to help develop skills, or do not take proactive steps to recognize a job well done. The surveys further emphasize, that most important is direct engagement between employees and managers, including constructive criticism, and that this should not be done only once a year but on a continuous basis. EFA facilitates this on-line employee and manager involvement in the operating process. At the same time, by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), it significantly reduces the manager and clerical hours needed to operate a successful Labor Management Program.

This new PEP module will reinvigorate your overall Program and will highlight areas where maintenance has been neglected. Now, PEP not only suggests which employees to review, but also automatically compiles the reasons for the high and low productivity levels and why corrections had to be made. EFA reassures everyone that the PEP information is accurate, and perhaps more importantly, provides the details to take effective action. No other Labor Management Program has this comprehensive Manager/Employee Feedback capability.


Several new features are provided to accomplish the EFA objectives without disrupting the normal PEP operation. In other words, EFA is not a revision to existing programs; it is an additional new module. Of course, manager, PEP Office and employee training will be required, but technically, the implementation is very simple. However, don't be fooled by this simplicity; EFA is loaded with new features, including the following:

- The overall editing process is streamlined and more robust

- Working with the employees, managers select pre-defined reasons for editing actions

- Validations and corrections can only be made by authorized "Sign-Ons"

- The PEP Transaction file is automatically updated from the manager's On-Screen entries

- Validations and Corrections can be made on a continuous basis until the week is closed

- Timeliness is improved by having editing done electronically

- Manager editing time is reduced by eliminating duplicate work

- Data entry for editing is virtually eliminated

- Action oriented input details are provided to carefully monitor corrections and validations

- Summarized reports highlight manager effectiveness and system strengths and weaknesses

- Employees are assured that they are informed when changes are made to their data

- PDF archived files provide foolproof documentation of past changes

As a recent TV commercial said, "Why monitor a problem if you can't fix it?" These new features not only provide more accurate monitoring statistics, but also the information to take appropriate actions to improve employee productivity, methods & procedures, and the various operating systems

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I've had an opportunity to work with Cook & Associates and the PEP program in two previous positions. I think highly of their consulting professionalism and the continuing support they offer once the program is installed. The program has always been very stable and they continue to provide new enhancements without affecting that stability. I hope that everyone else has had the same success with the program.
Tom – Liz Claiborne

What I like most about Cook & Associates is that they're a boutique management consulting firm. What I mean by this is that they don't offer everything to everybody. They're one of the few consultants that specialize in single area – Labor Management. Having worked with them over the years, I can attest to their high professional standards and the hands-on support they've always provided.
Russ – Polo Ralph Lauren

I've worked with Cook & Associates on several projects and have found their sound council on Labor Management second to none. They have that rare ability for a consulting firm to become part of the management team. When we had questions with our program, or any software glitches, it was important to immediately get a trained professional on the phone — not a recording or a complex phone menu.
Jim – Toys R Us