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EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES: Although the proposed increase in the Minimum Wage has been tabled for the time being, we still feel there is going to be pressure for significant wage increases in the coming months. With this in mind, it might be a good time to implement an Employee Incentive Program, or if your existing plan isn't working, take some action. We have always felt that it's better to Pay for Performance than to experience large across the board increases.

If you would like to see how we do it in PEP, just click on the following presentation link to see a two-page example:

Employee Incentives (PDF)

SDI LOGISTICS FORUM: To view Don's Santiago, Chile presentation, click on the following link:

SDI Logistics Forum (PDF)

NEW UPGRADE: This PEP upgrade should only take a few minutes to install on each computer and will contain the following new features:

1) Payroll Auditing: When importing payroll, PEP will print an exception report to list any Employee Clock Numbers not in the PEP Employee Master file.

2) Archiving Reports: PEP Reports can be automatically archived for any time period when starting a new week.

3) Non-Incentive Special Projects: Special Project Task Numbers 80 to 89 can be assigned to Special Projects that will not earn incentives.

4) Expanded Task List: PEP now accepts Production Task Numbers 50 to 79.

5) Employee On-Screen Update: Employee On-Screen on the PEP Processing computers now looks and operates the same as Network Employee On-Screen. This is part of the foundation being created for "Automated Employee Editing" in our next upgrade.

6) Employee On-Screen Special Projects: When Special Project minutes are entered into the What-If field on the Units page, the Hourly summary page will be automatically updated with the new values. This is part of the foundation being created for "Automated Employee Editing"in our next upgrade.

7) Report Readability: A larger font size is now used when printing reports for easier reading.

THE PEP FUTURE - A FIRST FOR LABOR MANAGEMENT: The objective of a Labor Management Program has always been to help manage people and process. In our next PEP release, we have included an important new and innovative feature: "How to Better Manage your Managers".

As many of you already know, we place a great deal of emphasis on developing an effective interaction between managers and employees. To simplify this process, we utilize the management by exception principle. PEP highlights extraordinarily high or low performing employees. This lets managers focus on the areas that need the most attention. In the case of high performers, it assures that excessive incentives are not being paid. In the case of low performers, it shows where action needs to be taken to get them up to acceptable levels.

As an example, a high performing employee might not be following standard procedures which can result in poor quality, or is it possible that the employee has developed a procedure that is better than the standard and should be incorporated into the process? For a low performing employee, is it because the employee is not utilizing their time properly, or is it possible that the work flow is inefficient and needs to be changed?

Now PEP will monitor this manager/employee feedback process by showing:

- How often the results are discussed with the employees

- The reason for either the high or low performance

- The actions that are taken

This Manager Profile will be an excellent tool to expand your management training and to be sure you actually achieve operational improvements. In other words, "Why monitor a problem if you don't fix it!"

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I've had an opportunity to work with Cook & Associates and the PEP program in two previous positions. I think highly of their consulting professionalism and the continuing support they offer once the program is installed. The program has always been very stable and they continue to provide new enhancements without affecting that stability. I hope that everyone else has had the same success with the program.
Tom – Liz Claiborne

What I like most about Cook & Associates is that they're a boutique management consulting firm. What I mean by this is that they don't offer everything to everybody. They're one of the few consultants that specialize in single area – Labor Management. Having worked with them over the years, I can attest to their high professional standards and the hands-on support they've always provided.
Russ – Polo Ralph Lauren

I've worked with Cook & Associates on several projects and have found their sound council on Labor Management second to none. They have that rare ability for a consulting firm to become part of the management team. When we had questions with our program, or any software glitches, it was important to immediately get a trained professional on the phone — not a recording or a complex phone menu.
Jim – Toys R Us